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IO1: Manual for policy liasion and incorporation of the JobCircuit method for career counselling of people with disabilities

Consist of guidance for possible inclusion of the JobCircuit model based on policy framework per country. This includes predefined researches and paper work collected upon preparation of the proposal is the base for definition of the concepts in the field of institutional cooperation (vocational and training organizations, companies, social welfare, and employment service) undertaken in each partner’s country.

The guide will consist of recommendation for applying in practice of the model based on up-to-date situation on Vocational training and Labour/Employment Systems in partners’ countries according to the target group of people with disabilities.

Furthermore the guide will compare and list common solutions and suggestions for possible implementation of the JobCircuit model.

The report also will present amended legislative policy framework on this field.

Executive summary

IO2: JobCircuit guidance model – practical manual for career guidance providers

The JobCircuit methodology will combine:

  • individual support based on person centered approach (Carl Rogers);
  • vocational guidance towards job readiness and applying for a suitable job;
  • on the job follow up and support;
  • strengthening employers’ engagement;
  • follow up on the relations between employer and employee with disability.

The method will suit the diversity of the job-seekers with disabilities depending on the severity of the disability, their abilities and strengths as well as their employability.

The JobCircuit approach involves the person centered approach (Carl Rogers) where in the center is positioned the job seeker with disability taking into account his/her capabilities, skills and interests in order to provide them new opportunities and lead them back to employment and to the society. This approach does not use predefined techniques but relies on the personal qualities of the career counsellor/person to build a non-judgmental and empathic relationship.

IO3: Measurement impact tool of the “JobCircuit” model

This measurement impact tool will support the evaluation process that the career guidance and service providers will conduct at the end of the service provision to clients with disabilities.

It will include:

  • evaluation of the positive employment outcomes achieved based on the prepared vocational portfolio of the job-seeker with disability
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the applied “JobCircuit” guidance model
  • evaluation of the goals’ achievements of the process
  • evaluation of the improved abilities of the job-seeker with disability
  • evaluation of the sustainability of the client with disabilities onto the workplace.

IO4: Manual “Training the trainers” on JobCircuit model

This manual will consist of didactic guidance for trainers who would like to train professionals on “how to use and implement the novel “JobCircuit” model. This will be also a guidance material for VET centres and trainers who would like to introduce the “JobCircuit” model in their portfolios of trainings for inclusion of people with disabilities on the labour market.

The preliminary content framework of the manual is the following:

  • Exploring training needs
  • Development of training objectives, outputs, topics, contents and inputs of a training workshop with career counsellors, vocational rehabilitators, supported employment consultants, job coachers, mentors
  • Training schedules and agendas
  • Organising the framework of training sessions – individualised or/and group session + online self-learning
  • Designing a training session
  • Basic approaches, techniques and skills
  • Facilitating and debriefing of training activities
  •  Monitoring and evaluation of the achievements
  • Creating awareness of attitudes and behaviour
  • Processes of changing attitudes and behaviour
  • Further facilitation in the field

IO5: Interactive JobCircuit learning portal

The project interactive portal will host the e-learning platform where all project results will be implemented as instructional learning design.

The main features will be:

  • provision of instructional design to present the IO1 to IO4 (as PPT based learning)
  • provision of electronic completion of the evaluations tools of IO4
  • peer support gateway where the VET learners (career guidance professionals) will be able to store and share resources related to the career guidance of clients with disabilities, legislative documents, best practice examples, case studies etc.
  • section for gathering evaluation impact from the pilot implementation phases of IO2, IO3 and IO4.
  • help desk for trainers and learners in the context of “JobCircuit” model

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