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Visits to Jobcircuit Project’s Stakeholders in Turkey

REDVET (International Association for Research and Development of Vocational Education and Training) has started visits to NGOs working for physically disabled people to inform them about Jobcircuit project and to discuss cooperation means for forthcoming activities.

First visit has been hold to project room of Üsküdar Regional Governorship in Istanbul in April 18. Mr.Onur Cantimur has accepted the courtesy visit of REDVET team and shares their experience with disabled people in the region. Both sides were one mind about importance of disabled people’s employment and tackling with obstacles ahead them. In the meeting, support for outputs, pilot implementations, taking role in national advisory board of the project and dissemination opportunities have been discussed.

REDVET also visited Provincial Directorate of Ministry of Family and Social Policies on the same day. Mr.Halis Kuralay who is one of the vice directors has accepted REDVET. Mr.Kuralay is very prominent person in Turkey for his works related to people with disability. Thanks to his background that he can contribute for developing content of the project and activities. Mr.Kuralay expressed his potential on supporting pilot implementations and giving support for developing successful outputs of the project.

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