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The JobCircuit project presented during International Fair in Sofia

Within the period 16-18 of April the 7th International Fair on Social entrepreneurship has been held in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was also a part of the official calendar of EU Presidency hosted by Sofia. Therefore the Forum was attended by many policy makers both on national and EU level. Among them were the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Valery Simeonov, Ministers of the Bulgarian Government as well as EU level Officials and Commissioners in the field of social policies and social affairs.

The number of the exhibitors was more than 105 social enterprises, social cooperatives, centers for social rehabilitation and integration, sheltered houses, sheltered occupational workshops, daily care centers and NGOs working with people with disabilities. “Maria Curie” association was also presented with a stand were the team has demonstrated all “Erasmus +” Projects which the Association is working on. Over the 3 days the visitors have had the opportunity to take the brochures and to discuss the activities of the projects disseminated there.

The JobCircuit project was among the projects which gain serious interest by the participants in the Fair. They were familiarised with the project concept and the expected results and in addition agreements for further cooperation were made. The topic of the supported employment was significantly discussed over the 3 days of the Fair.

During the closing ceremony Maria Curie Association was awarded with special prize for the innovative approaches as well as for the introducing of the supported employment in Bulgaria. Photos from the 3 days Fair are also published here.

The Fair is annual event so MCA is invited to present their “Erasmus +” projects next year as well.

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